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Faves & Raves

So steamy, so creamy, so dreamy - Straight from Amy's dreams to your taste buds, savor her unique, hot vanilla drink creation. It is a fat free, decadent libation that is enjoyed hot, especially with whipped cream or a shot of your favorite syrup or liqueur. Use it as creamer for our coffees or make Fat Free frozen ice milk to enjoy year 'round. 
Join The Club
One Club, two memberships. Such a bargain. When you join "The Club" here at Lewes Bake Shoppe & Notting Hill Coffee you get automatic membership into both our Latte & Coffee Clubs and each one get you more of the stuff you love for less. Free Stuff. Find out more, just ask us!
Gift Certificates
We make it easy to share your favorite coffee with your favorite people even if they're not in the coffee shop with you. Gift certificates start at just $10 and remember, we ship everywhere!
Coffee Love (tasty reviews)
  • "Can't wait to have some"

    "Picked up our coffee today...

  • "Thank you for all the wonderfulness"

    I recently made a purchase from the website...

  • "Coffee has been necessary"

    "I just wanted to say thank you.."

  • "Dissension in the ranks"

    "Uh oh! A heated disagreement..."

  • "Nothing better"

    "I received the coffee prior to lift of..."

We love roasting coffee and we love hearing how much our customers love us for that. What, too much love?

On The Menu

choice of bread: sunflower wheat, rye, cracked wheat, pumpernickel, croissant or wheat wrap available...add $1
choice of condiments: lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, yellow, honey or spicy brown mustard
choice of cheese: provolone, american, cheddar or swiss; brie available...add $2
linda's create-a-club: make any sandwich a club; add bacon...add $2

salad dressings: raspberry vinaigrette, ranch, caesar, bleu cheese, honey mustard, herb vinaigrette 
There's a rumor going around that one of the reasons our coffee is so good is because it soaks in the flavors and aromas of all the sweet somethings we bake here everyday at ' The Shoppe' . We can neither confirm nor deny this. What we can say is if you're a sucker for sweets as much as you crave coffee, you've come to the right place because we're just like you. Ooey Gooeys, Gorilla Sticks and our Superlative Sticky Buns. Each and every one is the stuff of legend- in our minds anyway; try one and we think you'll agree. We also make and bake other daily sweet treats like eclairs, scones, tarts and light as air croissants, decadent cheese danish and lots more. So come on in - sit, sip & gnosh. 


Web Security

Q: How secure is your website?

A: Very. Our store is 100% secure so you can shop on line knowing that your info is safe with us! From the latest, most up to date security features to the fact that we do not share your info with anyone else; your privacy is important to us.


Q: What grind do I request for a Keurig? LOVE your place and so enjoy your coffee!!!!

A: Just a flat bottom basket, like a Mr. Coffee. Hard to believe, isn't it?

In store vs. Online

Q: When I buy coffee on line, it's cheaper than in the store. Why?

A: Prices on the web site are often lower than in house, because of shipping. We try to lower shipping whenever possible so that your order will match up with our shop prices. We will not raise shipping prices once your order is placed. $5 is added to any tea order, because it is not calculated on the web site.

Another Answer: The prices on our web site are often reduced to make up for shipping costs and we never raise the prices of shipping once the order is placed. We do, however, lower the shipping prices whenever possible. Priority shipping is a minimum now of $6.01 or $6.09 for a single pound and goes up incrementally from there. As I say your shipping could possible come down. Shipping is not $10/pound unless you live far out west. 

Cheers, Amy

Q: Why do you need my email when I order on line?

A: Your email is required because order shipping label maker automatically sends you a tracking number so you can follow it start to finish. If you go to: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action and put in your tracking number you should have no problems.
Online Specials

Q. I live nearby so I usually buy over the counter. I've noticed you have internet only specials which doesn't seem fair because I don't buy on line.

A: If you are local and wish to take part in any of the website specials we are running, print your page or newsletter and bring it in when you purchase your items.
Redeeming Gift Certificates

Q: PLEASE ANSWER PROMPTLY FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT. I am looking at your website. Want to send gift certificate to friend out of state. How do they redeem? I went thru the shopping process and provided my name, address, etc, but when I got to payment page, there was no option for redeeming gift. Only credit card, PayPal, etc. Thanks.

A: Hi Cindy, Hope you called the toll free number 1 88 99 LATTE.

We redeem the coupons when you call the shop and place the order. I am so sorry! I am forwarding your email to my web guy to see what he can do. I’m not sure if it is possible on line,
We picked up our coffee today and it smelled so good all the way home! Can't wait to have some tomorrow morning!
Thank you for always having our large order always ready.
Good day!
I recently made a purchase from the website and when it was delivered, there was a sweet note from you on the packing slip. It's so wonderful to see such personal customer service; seeing someone go the extra mile to do something nice, especially when we live in a world where we don't see it so often. I discovered your shop last year when I was running a half marathon there. I fell in love with the shop the moment I walked in. Everyone is so friendly! Not to mention the fantastic coffee flavors available! I was so excited to see you had a website and fulfilled orders online!! I recommended your website to a lot of my coffee drinking friends. When I'm in the area again, I plan on visiting! 
Thank you for all the wonderfulness you bring me in my daily cup of coffee!!

Danielle B. 

I just wanted to say a thank you to the fast, easy process of ordering your coffee. I recently gave birth to my first baby and getting out of the house has been challenging and coffee has been necessary! I am so glad you offer his service and thrilled that it arrived so quickly! Thanks again!

Loyal Customer,

Uh oh! A heated disagreement has arisen since I let you know that Thanksgiving Blend is my favorite. I've been overruled by the rest of the
family (husband and the daughter who discovered you). Their favorite from this shipment is sea salt caramel mocha. Dissension in the ranks, so whoever gets up first makes their favorite. Thanks for keeping us caffeinated and motivated, too! Stay well and all the best for a happy Thanksgiving.


I received the coffee prior to lift off for vacation. Thanks for the rush job on your busiest week! Nothing better than walking the beach early in the morning with a great cup o' joe!


It's All In The Wrist

What's to say, I'm a coffee fiend with a knack for roastingone-of-a-kind blends, a deeply rooted love of food and a penchant for mixing it up with my customers which is why you'll never know what you'll get at Notting Hill Coffee except for outrageously good no, make that wonderful coffee, soups, salads and pastries worth their weight in gold (you should feel how heavy our sticky buns are.) 

Everything is ground, roasted and made fresh in house. Organic Coffee comes shipped in burlap bags and I turn it into java creations like no other. The bread our sandwiches are served on are made right here too- taste the Sunflower Bread, you'll be surprised- and every pastry we make is made well, you probably know what I'm going to say, so I won't. But I will say this: Ooey Gooeys are simply sublime and Gorilla Sticks are unlike anything you've ever had. Our quiches, wraps and pies are pretty good too but hey, maybe I'm a little bit partial since I'm in here making this stuff fresh all day. So, try some for yourself and tell me what you think. 

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